Skin Re-set

Throughout our daily routines we disrupt our skins natural barrier; first by putting on makeup (as much as we hate to believe it, makeup's not great for our skin), later by removing it, again when we shower in hot water, when we come into contact with free-radicals, when we touch our face, drink too much alcohol, get too stressed out, and the list goes on.

What we innately do to combat these skin-disruptions, is utilize products; one to protect it, one to remove makeup, one to reintroduce natural oils, one to combat excess oil, one to treat breakouts, one to prevent over-drying, etc.

To break this cycle during a time when we have the ability to do so, I've spent the better part of quarantine without a trace of makeup on, and layers of nourishing humicants to drench my skin in moisture. By allowing my skin to utilize its natural functions of sloughing, re-hydrating, and balancing, I've noticed my skin is significantly less agitated, and remains glowing almost twelve full hours.

Product Recommendations:

Bioderma Sensibo Moussant Cleanser ($15) a gel to foam cleanser that doesn’t strip or dehydrate, instead leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean without pulling away natural oils.
Deciem Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($7) holds more than 100x its weight in water, giving you bouncy, plump skin; Use: a few drops of this along with lotion, or on its own just after cleansing (AM/PM). Full disclosure it can be a bit sticky so using a few layers of lotion are required to combat that feeling.
Roccoco Botanicals Ceramide Booster ($90) ceramides hold skin cells together forming a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss and visible damage from environmental stressors, along with being a proven anti-aging ingredient; Use: two pumps with lotion, or on its own prior to lotion (AM/PM).
Cerave Daily Lotion ($14) packed with both hylauronic acid and ceramides; Use: gently masse or pat on 2-3 layers (AM/PM).
Origins ‘Hello Calm’ Masque ($28) one of the main ingredients in the product is CBD oil, which alone has benefits including powerful antioxidant properties, free-radical damage reversal, lifting discoloration, hyperpigmentation and age spots, treating eczema and psoriasis and acne reduction; Use: as many times as you'd like, leave on for up to thirty minutes, rinse with cool water and follow with hydration.

Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream ($8) I have larger lips and they get flakey during colder months when I have the heat blasting, I put a thin layer of this on at night and it acts as an overnight lip masque.

If you have any questions about this blog post, or have product questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @katherinemenna