Post-Beach Breakouts

Every notice when a brilliantly cripsy tan begins to fade, you're almost always greeted with a cute new breakout (or three)?

Why does this happen?

What is a tan? A mild burn - similar to the scab that forms for a second to third degree burn, even a mild burn is a dead layer of skin acting to protect an underlying layer until your cells have bonded and are strong enough to come to the surface.

Because many of us hate to see our tans fade, we allow them to sit longer than they should... avoiding exfoliation to allow our color to blur imperfections, while in reality were causing new ones!

As our tan sits, it blocks each pore, simultaneously blocking a pathway for sweat, sebum and bacteria to break though - thus creating the perfect environment for blemishes.

As gorgeous as a tan may be, it's important to maintain a skincare routine during all seasons, including exfoliation (whether is be physical or chemical).

A better way to maintain a healthy post-vacation glow (while also keeping your skins barrier healthy and thriving), is to bump up your hydration intake - both product wise, and drinking lots of H2O! How - by adding hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides to your routine; mix it with your lotion, or use it as a separate skincare step - The Ordinary Hyaluronic Serum ($7) is a personal favorite!

Boom! Glowing, dewy, vibrant skin is yours!

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