Top Ten Tips + Tricks

I've compiled a list of skincare hacks I've discovered over the years, some have been pivotal in skin health, others I can't believe it took me so long to see!

Here are my top ten skin tips + tricks:

1. Double cleansing, there aren't hundreds of companies pushing this phenomenon without good reason. Your first cleanse should be oil based, and your second should be water based; the purpose of this is to remove both oil and water based makeups, and sunscreen. a single cleanse may leave behind residue you can't see or feel!

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2. Cleanse for 60 seconds, It takes your skin this long to absorb product and for your pores to dislodge debris, work in a circular motion opposite the direction your hair grows. 

3. Silk Sheets, we all know you should change your pillow cases every 3-5 days to prevent bacteria build up that can cause breakouts, but silk sheets are hypoallergenic, and act as a natural blockade to fungus, mold and most allergens.

4. Fragrance-free detergent and softeners, this one is self-explanatory. Remove any and all chemical fragrances from your laundry, including dryer sheets. Just as you wouldn't use a skincare product with parabens or synthetic fragrance, don't surround your body with it! I Love Puracy SLS Free Detergent.

5. Wash your pillows monthly, thats it, kill that bacteria!

6. SLS + flouride-free toothpaste, both can cause breakouts around the mouth and chin! 

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7. Ditch the towel and grab gauze, this one has been huge for me, I've always been incredibly OCD about using a clean washcloth every single time I dry my face, probably having 50 clean towels at any given time in my bathroom. Now instead, I use a gauze, they're anti-bacterial, and I never have to worry about their being bacteria trapped in their micro-fibers like I did towels. $10 for a package on amazon that lasts me over a month!

8. Never take 'actives' down your neck, your neck skin is incredibly thin and can easily be disrupted. When you're using any type of active, i.e. AHA/BHA's, Retinols, Benzoyl Peroxide, Enzyme Masques etc, stick to the parameters of your face! An irritated neck (or any skin for that matter) can lead to contact dermatitis, eczema, or raw skin.

9. Never put a dropper directly to your face, I see this all too often in skincare ads, but a dropper should not be applied directly to your skin - what this does is pull bacteria from your face and puts it back into your bottle fo product, allowing bacteria to grow rapidly. Always warm a product in your hands first, and press it onto your face.

10. Have a good deep sweat, whether it be weekly, or even daily, a good deep sweat will push toxins from your pores and leave you glowing. Be sure to rinse your skin shortly after a sweat sash so the bacteria doesn't re-enter your pores, cool water is best to seal off moisture.

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