How Facial Oils Balance pH

Facial Oils are often mis-judged with the fear they will cause 'oily skin'; but this belief couldn't be farther from the truth. The 'oil' we refer to that live in our pores, that creeps in around 3pm post-lunch and calls for some nifty oil-blotters, is known as 'sebum'. The ingredients in facial oils are the opposite of sebum, they're nourishing forms of moisture that will protect your skin, and level your pH to prevent as excess of sebum production.

Why does our skin product sebum in the first place?

Our skin produces sebum as a reaction to outside stimulants the body wants to deflect, daily toxins and pollutants such as: smoke, smog, gas, wild chill, humidity, and every particle of bacteria that floats around the air - this goes quadruple if you live in a metropolis. So, our bodies go into fight or flight mode, similar to our body producing sweat to cool us down, or coming down with a fever in response to bacteria in the body. Sebum is our body's way of creating a barrier around our pores so those toxins can't move past our top layer of skin. Unfortunately, your bodies aren't always designed to work for esthetic, and an excess of sebum is one of four components that cause breakouts, (the other three being dead skin cells, bacteria, and sweat). So, while sebum blocks some toxins, undoubtedly much of it can invade the pores, especially if you happen to touch your face, use towels provided by gyms, let your hair fall in your face, sleep on a pillow case face down, and the list goes on. basically, germs will find a way into your pores, it's inevitable - mixed with excess sebum to combat said germs, you've got a pretty good storm for potential breakouts.

So, how does a facial oil work to prevent this cycle?

It's actually quite simple, a facial oil will create a sheer protective layer between your top layer of skin, and the rest of the world. Lotions just don't do that, they're designed to absorb into the pores pretty much instantly to work below the surface. A facial oil absorbs over hours, they won't clog the pores, but instead protect them by deflecting anything that your face comes into contact with. Like you're own personal skincare army. If theres nothing for your body to reject, your body won't kick in sebum production, and you won't feel 'oily' midday, or at all, ever, seriously.

Your skin won't have to work overtime, and you'll maintain a level pH balance!

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